JoeWP WordPress Agency - Optimizing wp-config

Optimization of wp-config

Tips & Tricks how to optimize the file: wp-config.php in WordPress. In this blog post we show you some tips and tricks on how to enhance your WordPress installation by optimizing

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Password Protection

Secure passwords on the Internet

Secure passwords for all of your devices and accounts on the Internet. Still not using strong passwords for your online accounts? Bad combinations of passwords like “1234567” for your internet accounts

JoeWP WordPress Agentur - Password Manager

7 Portrait of the password manager

Are you in password chaos? I will show you the way out of the crisis! Is it getting more and more complicated for you to remember your many passwords for all

JoeWP WordPress Agency - WP Backups

WordPress Security for Experts

Firewall Block Bad Queries (BBQ) BBQ ist eine superschnelle Firewall, die WordPress automatisch vor Versuchen schützt, Schadcode über URL-Aufrufe auszuführen. Das Plugin ist einfach zu installieren und erfordert in der Grundinstallation