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Legally compliant implementation of the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) 2018

What is the DSGVO

According to the basic data protection regulation of 25 May 2018, every website must meet the requirements of these provisions from 25 May 2018. The EU-DSGVO is intended in particular to strengthen the rights of EU citizens with regard to their data. This concerns the so-called data subject rights. Data subjects must be informed of data protection infringements, and this too must be done in a comprehensible and timely manner.

Who is affected

The DSGVO must be observed and adhered to as soon as personal data is processed. Personal data includes, for example, the e-mail address, IP address, name and much more. The EU Data Protection Basic Regulation requires companies to comply with new obligations vis-à-vis the authorities. Companies must technically and organisationally ensure that the data concerned is protected accordingly.


Far higher fines than before are possible for the enforcement of data protection law. In certain cases, the amount of fines for administrative offences is fixed at up to 20 million Euro or up to four percent of the worldwide annual turnover according to Article 83 paragraph (5) (in comparison, the German BDSG has so far provided for a maximum fine of 300,000 Euro). The member states may also provide for further sanctions.

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Questions and answers about the GDPR

How long does it take to implement the work on the DSGVO?2018-09-14T13:38:34+02:00

The work to convert your website to the new DSGVO takes about 1 week. We will let you know the exact duration as soon as the order has been placed.

What does the conversion of the website to the DSGVO cost?2018-09-14T13:39:33+02:00

Every website has to be checked before and the effort has to be estimated. For smaller websites the effort is usually between € 250,00 – € 500,00. However, we check this beforehand and then tell the customer the fixed price.

Am I affected by the DSGVO?2018-09-14T13:40:33+02:00

Every company that stores personal names and e-mail addresses is affected by the DSGVO. This is also the case if you are active in the B2B sector. Thus every company and every enterprise is affected.

Is a data protection declaration on my website alone sufficient?2018-09-14T13:41:22+02:00

No. As mentioned above, several steps are necessary to have a legally compliant website that complies with the DSGVO.

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