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Project Description

WordPress Website Maintenance

Security and functionality of the WordPress website through continuous maintenance


In modern digitalization, more and more processes are integrated via the website. Just a few years ago, websites were still the company’s calling card, but today it is hard to imagine communication between the company and its customers without them. Threatening website failures and security deficiencies are the SuperGau of the company. Customers migrate and go to the competition.


New versions of WordPress and the extensions (plugins) are continuously released by the developers in order to improve the software in their functional range and/or with regard to usability or to eliminate errors. Updates should therefore be installed immediately to avoid security holes. This prevents infection by malware. Otherwise, the infected website may be banned from the search engine index. This is the worst case scenario imaginable for the company in question, as it leads to a drop in sales and customer migration.


JoeWP provides comprehensive support based on pre-defined criteria to ensure ongoing maintenance, support and support for the technical operation of a website.

Wordpress Service

Support, maintenance and care are necessary and important.

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