PWA Web App Manifest short name

Error message in WordPress: “A short name is missing from the web app manifest”

You are having the problem of getting an error message in your WordPress installation under the site health display that looks like this: “Web App Manifest lacks a short name entry”.

This error message appears if you have the Progressive Web App “PWA by PWA Plugin Contributors” installed on your WordPress website.

Where is this error displayed?

If your WordPress site does not have the nickname in the PWA, the site health report on your site will show the message “Web App Manifest is missing a nickname entry in Progressive Web App (PWA)” in the “Recommended Improvements” section. The error message looks like this in English: “Web App Manifest lacks a short name entry in Progressive Web App(PWA)”

app manigfest short name
Error message about the PWA app

How can the error be corrected?

In order to implement the recommendation, a short name with a maximum of 12 characters must be added to the PWA manifest file.

If you are using the PWA plugin, the following code needs to be added to the functions.php file in your currently active theme:

add_filter( 'web_app_manifest', function( $manifest ) {
    $manifest['short_name'] = 'myshortname';   // change 'myshortname' with your shortname, make sure that its within 12 characters long.
    return $manifest;
} );

The area given with ‘myshortname’ is of course to be replaced with your individual short name. Also make sure that the short name is no longer than 12 characters.

We recommend putting the code in your child theme’s functions.php so that updating your main theme doesn’t overwrite the code.

After inserting the short code

Once the code is pasted in, the error message will no longer appear in your WordPress site’s health messages.

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