JoeWP offers remote maintenance for computers and software for all companies with the tool TeamViewer.

There are no waiting times with the remote maintenance tool. In most cases with problems with the computer or the software, remote maintenance is sufficient.

For remote maintenance, simply download the small remote maintenance tool from the manufacturer’s homepage and install it on your computer. This way we can access your computer for one session at a time (with password authorization) and fix the problems and install and repair programs etc.

Help can be offered with the remote maintenance tool in the following cases:

You have problems with your computer?

Your software or programs no longer work?

You want to set up new programs?

Having problems with your printer? We look for sources of error in case of problems with printers, routers, etc.

We give tips for setting up and operating office applications, browsers and e-mail programs.

Installing and uninstalling programs.

Updating programs.

Network and WLAN problems.

Problems with: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Access,Internet Explorer, Power Point, Open Office, Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, Acrobat Reader.