22 06, 2019

Optimization of wp-config

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Optimization of wp-config Tips & Tricks how to optimize the file: wp-config.php in WordPress. In this blog post we show you some tips and tricks on how to enhance your WordPress installation by optimizing wp-config with features and how to make the entire installation safer. The wp-config.php is the most important file of a WordPress installation. It contains the [...]

17 01, 2019

Hacked 772 Million Passwords – Monster Vulnerability

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Hacked 772 Million Passwords - Monster Vulnerability Unknown people put hundreds of millions of credentials online A huge set of e-mail addresses and passwords has appeared in a hacker forum and been released under the name "Collection # 1". With an online service, you can check if your data is also affected: Have I Been Pwned [...]

13 01, 2019

Data scandals – completely unsubscribe from social media?

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Log off all social media accounts completely because of the data scandals? Or is there another solution? I'll show you how to become (almost) invisible on the net. Instead of own accounts on Facebook & amp; Co. forever, you can greatly improve your privacy on the Internet with some rules. The year 2018 was full of [...]

5 01, 2019

7 password manager in portrait

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7 password manager in portrait With you the password chaos prevails? I'll show you the way out of the crisis! Is it getting more complicated for you to remember your many passwords for the whole account? With a password manager, the mess can be ended. I have found seven different managers in the portrait for you. Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, [...]

5 01, 2019

The 4 most important things about IT security

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The 4 most important things about IT security If you keep the four most important things about IT security, you do not have to worry anymore! Hacker attack, virus, ransomware, worm. If you follow these four simple rules, you are armed as a company or privately against almost all IT attacks. first Always keep the operating [...]

9 09, 2018

WordPress Security for Experts

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WordPress Security for Experts Firewall Block Bad Queries (BBQ) BBQ is a super-fast firewall that automatically protects WordPress from attempts to execute malicious code via URL calls. The plugin is easy to install and does not require any further settings in the basic installation. By the way, it is also DSGVO compliant. WordPress plugins and themes: [...]

9 09, 2018

WordPress basic coverage

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Wordpress basic coverage Some tips to make the CMS Wordpress more secure. Already during the installation of the WordPress system, important points have to be considered in order to guarantee basic security and to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to break into the system. Obsolete and not fully developed third-party themes and plug-ins [...]

20 07, 2018

Google Chrome warns against unencrypted websites

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From July 2018, Google will mark all websites that do not have secure HTTPS data transmission as unsafe. With the release of "Chrome 68" in July 2018, Google Browser Chrome will explicitly mark all websites without a valid SSL certificate as unsecure. Google warns consistently against the dangers and risks of an unencrypted website. SSL encryption will also become even [...]