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Add Expires headers

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Add Expires headers How do I add Expires Header to the .htaccess file? Is the error "Add Expires headers" displayed in GTmetrix or Pingdom? What is the Expires header? What are the steps to add expired headers to .htaccess? When is the right time to expire files and cache? Understand how to add Expires headers to [...]

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Configure Entity Tags (ETags)

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Configure Entity Tags (ETags) GTmetrix or Pingdom will show you the following Configure Entity Tags (ETags)? Configuring ETags is one of the most common problems in fixing the speed of a website. In GTmetrix or Pingdom, this error will be displayed if your web server does not properly configure Etags. Here's how to fix the error: "Configure [...]

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Breadcrumbs in WordPress

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Breadcrumbs in WordPress # Install breadcrumbs correctly in WordPress? Installing breadcrumbs in WordPress is not difficult. With the help of a bit of source code and Yoast SEO settings, you can optimize your Wordpress website and blog for your users by incorporating breadcrumbs. # You do not know what breadcrumbs are used for? Where Breadcrumbs is [...]

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Conversion MyISAM to InnoDB

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MySQL Database - Conversion from MyISAM to InnoDB Are you using MyISAM or InnoDB? The slowdown of large WordPress sites is often caused by non-optimized databases. Even older, WordPress installations still use the MyISAM storage subsystem for the database management system MySQL in their database. InnoDB, on the other hand, has performed significantly better in recent years. [...]

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Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing The new trend: outbound marketing is replaced by inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is the marketing method that is based on being found by customers. The nostalgic times of outbound marketing for classic marketing, with which one addressed his customers with all sorts of advertising expenses such as advertisements, mailings or trade fairs, are [...]

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Structured data in WordPress

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Structured data in WordPress Rich Snippets – Wieso jede Website Structured Data nutzen sollte All website operators should ensure that search engines can properly index the content of their website. This goal is achieved ready with the normal methods of search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress websites already have a great advantage in this regard, [...]

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Remove jQuery Migrate

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Migrate.js - How do I remove jQuery Migrate from WordPress? jQuery Migrate is a JavaScript library. This ensures the compatibility of older versions of jQuery (older than 1.9). This restores obsolete features and behaviors in the jQuery code and continues to execute properly. As of WordPress 3.6, jQuery Migrate is automatically included on all WordPress [...]

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Search engine optimization error

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List of the 17 most common search engine optimization errors and how to avoid them Search engine optimization error: Your website is not found on Google? You don't have a clue what the reason is? I'll tell you! I'm sure you make one or more of the following 17 SEO errors. You can find out how [...]

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When do I need an SSL certificate?

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SSL encryption in brief If you receive inquiries, orders and registrations via a form on your website, you should definitely integrate an SSL certificate into your website. The absence of the SSL certificate can have a very negative effect on your conversions (inquiries, orders, etc.) A missing SSL certificate can now cause you extreme problems with inquiries via contact [...]

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The optimal solution for an Internet presence is the optimization of the website for search engines (search engine optimization or SEO = search engine optimization). A company is effectively presented on the Internet through a good ranking (placement) in the search engines. In this way the company gets good rankings and is found quickly and easily on the Internet. One [...]