30 03, 2019

What is WebP? Using WebP images in WordPress!

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What is WebP? Using WebP images in WordPress! What is WebP? This is an image format developed by Google in 2010 for lossy or lossless compressed images. The pictures can be static or animated, it does not matter. Although Google has been relying on its WebP format for images for a long time, the relatively new [...]

3 01, 2019

UX Design understandably explained

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UX Design - user experience design finally explained User experience design is an essential aspect of digital products, whether web page or app. Why and what is UX design so important for? You will find out here! You can find out what you mean by this term if you continue to read: User Experience Design User-Experience-Design [...]

18 07, 2018

What is a favicon

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Was ist ein Favicon With a favicon you can add your own website with an individual symbol in the browser line. The word "Favicon" comes from the English words "Favorite" and "Icon". The favicon is displayed next to the page title in the browser tab. If a page is saved as a favorite, the favicon now appears as a [...]

8 07, 2018

Accessible web design

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Barrier-free web design is nothing extravagant. Accessibility means aligning programming with certain Web standards. Barrier-free web design also opens up an important target group. Accessible Internet (Web Accessibility) refers to Internet offerings that can be used by all users uneingeschränkt regardless of physical or technical disabilities (technical= text browser, PDA or ä. / physical= age-related restrictions such as visual [...]