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WordPress Hosting Requirements

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WordPress Hosting Requirements # What requirements do I need for my WordPress Hosting? We write the year 2019. The technology on the Internet is getting more complicated and extensive. Users are demanding more and more powerful websites and developers are writing more and more comprehensive software. However, all of this also requires strong demands on the [...]

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Structured data in WordPress

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Structured data in WordPress Rich Snippets – Wieso jede Website Structured Data nutzen sollte All website operators should ensure that search engines can properly index the content of their website. This goal is achieved ready with the normal methods of search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress websites already have a great advantage in this regard, [...]

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Fix Google Search Console error

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Fix bugs from the new Google Search Console: Either "offers", "review" or "aggregateRating" must be specified. In the last few weeks at the end of February 2019, Google made a number of changes to Search Console. These changes range from cross-domain analytics to new enhancements. Most of these changes do not have much impact on users. [...]

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Use WooCommerce legally compliant

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Use WooCommerce legally: WooCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce plugins for WordPress. WooCommerce is free. Through extensions WooCommerce can be extended by a number of functions. To meet the required legal templates, WordPress plugins can be integrated. One plugin for WooCommerce is the Germanized plugin (free as basic version and as premium version), another is WooCommerce German Market [...]