User groups in WordPress

In WordPress there are different user groups with different rights. The user roles of the respective users are only visible to administrators. Users with lower rights have only limited information and rights in the administration area (dashboard).

Subscribers are only allowed to read. If users can register themselves on the blog, it is recommended to give this user role the default assignment.

Employees (contributors) already have slightly more rights. You can write contributions, but you cannot publish them. This right assignment is optimal, if guest authors are to publish contributions.

Authors may publish, edit, delete and upload media content.

Editors already have considerable rights. You may do anything related to the administration of the website. Articles of all users can be changed or published. Pages can be created, comments moderated, categories managed and password protected articles read. Only the design or functionality of the website cannot be edited.

Administrators have unlimited rights. The design of the website can be changed, themes, plugins and widgets can be installed and managed. Users can be created or deleted.