SSL encryption in brief

If you receive inquiries, orders and registrations via a form on your website, you should definitely integrate an SSL certificate into your website.

The absence of the SSL certificate can have a very negative effect on your conversions (inquiries, orders, etc.)

A missing SSL certificate can now cause you extreme problems with inquiries via contact or inquiry forms on your website. Recently, all popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox display a security warning for input fields if your website is not secured by an SSL certificate.

Usually it is not a big problem to integrate the SSL certificate into the website. It ensures the necessary security of the data entered.

Secure connection with SSL

For those who are not familiar with SSL or HTTPS, we would like to explain the most important points briefly and crisply in this article.

Here is a short explanation of what an SSL certificate is:

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. It is an encryption protocol that provides a secure transmission channel for various applications. This encrypts the data between the Internetntzer and the server before it is sent. The data cannot be read out by strangers during transmission.

What is HTTPS:

Normally a website runs over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), e.g. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is the encrypted variant using SSL encryption. Data of the Internet user is first encrypted when surfing on the website and then sent to the web server. This data is decrypted again on the web server. This ensures the privacy of the data during the transfer.

How and where to get an SSL certificate:

An SSL certificate can be requested from any hosting provider offering various types of certificates. The easiest and cheapest option is the free “Let’s Encrypt” certificate.

After receiving the SSL certificate, the website must be switched to HTTPS. Due to the system, a number of measures are necessary to ensure that the website functions smoothly again afterwards. Especially for search engine optimization it is important to avoid mistakes in order to avoid ranking problems. The installation should be carried out by an experienced and experienced IT professional.