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WordPress OnPage optimization for a better ranking on Google


It is important that your HTML5 code is error-free and validated according to W3C standards. Faulty websites are placed worse on Google & Co. In addition, the content is then displayed incorrectly in the different browsers. Another important factor is a slim source code of your internet presence.


With our SEO OnPage optimization we provide the optimal HTML source code for your website. This also considerably shortens the loading time. The search engine Google is particularly pleased about this, but visitors to your website will also be delighted. Google has already published that the loading speed of Internet pages has been an important ranking factor for some time.


Search engine optimization already starts with the creation of the link structure. The default permalink structure in WordPress looks like this: http://domain.xyz/?p=02. Google doesn’t like this structure of this link structure very much. Therefore so-called speaking URLs should be generated, which look like this: http://domain.xyz/seitenbeschreibung. A well-established internal link is also recommended for indexing the website. There should be at least 20 internal links and more per page but not more than 100 links. External links should be used sparingly. Social bookmarking links should be called via JavaScript code or provided with the rel=nofollow attribute. The new DSGV must also be observed here in particular.

WordPress OnPage optimization

Requirements for optimal search results on Google.

Responsive Webdesign

With “responsive web design” you do not need a separate website for mobile devices. The website adapts to the screen of your PC, smartphone or tablet. The complete content of the website is optimally displayed on all end devices. Responsive web design is already the standard for modern WordPress websites.

Google XML Sitemaps

To improve the indexing of articles or pages by search engines such as Google, a sitemap can be made available. We do this by default when configuring WordPress using the Yoast plugin.

Robots.txt Datei

The “robots.txt” file is a text file that is normally located in the root directory (main directory) of the domain. It defines access instructions for search engine bots.

error page

As soon as a page is no longer found within your own website, the error message “404” is displayed. This shows the search engines that the respective page no longer exists.

Duplicate Content

“Duplicate content” is duplicate content on the website. This may also be the case if the website is both http: // and http: // www. equipped with the same content. Duplicate content leads to worse ranking on the search engines. We take great care to avoid duplicate content.


The correct definition of the page title is an extremely important thing for optimizing your own website for the search engines. Again, what is good for the search engines also helps users on the Internet. Your website visitors will thank you.


With “title attributes” you can provide the visitors of your website with additional information in links. When you move the mouse over them, they are displayed as tooltips. However, this only makes sense if the title attribute stands out from the link text as additional information.

Alt-Text for images

All pictures of your Internet presence should be provided with a meaningful old text. The “alt text” represents an “alternative text”. Users and bots with a text browser can read these texts. It is particularly important to specify the old texts for search engines, otherwise images cannot be interpreted.

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