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Let WordPress be secured by a professional

The WordPress security of your website plays just as important a role as good design and optimal performance. It is a good investment to have your WordPress website secured by a professional. Only experienced WordPress agencies and professionals know where to start in order to make a website as secure as possible. We offer a sophisticated security concept for your WordPress website.

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Detect security vulnerabilities

Website Analysis

You may have security holes on your website? Maybe you use outdated and unsecure plugins in your WordPress installation? Through a comprehensive analysis of your WordPress system we detect the decisive weak points.

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Hopefully not too late!

System Cleanup

If your website is already damaged by an external attack, we will completely clean up your WordPress installation. We remove the malicious code and malware as well as all other damage.

WordPress Security

Close it all down


If the entire WordPress system is clean and free of malicious code again, we take appropriate measures for protection, which makes it as difficult as possible for hackers or malicious bots when trying to break into your WordPress installation again

Why a security analysis?

Finding and closing vulnerabilities in the WodPress system in advance is the best protection against external attacks. A possibly large damage can thus be prevented and you save a lot of trouble, time and a lot of costs.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Data Security
JoeWP WordPress Agency - Data Security

Security of data

The security of your data should always be guaranteed. This also applies in particular to the customer data stored in the system. The new DSGVO must also be taken into account.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Security
JoeWP WordPress Agency - Security

Prevent failure

A failure or a reduction in the functionality of your website is associated with many inconveniences and costs. Timely analyses of the system prevent a possible disaster.

Assign the security analysis?

We check your website!