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Why regular maintenance of WordPress is important

Why WordPress maintenance?

The costs for regular WordPress maintenance are calculable. The effort is worth it, because the security and functionality of your website is only guaranteed by continuous maintenance.

WordPress Maintenance – Our services at a glance

Everything up-to-date?

WordPress Updates

Again a new version of WordPress was released? Plugins or the used design need an update? We check your website for updates at fixed intervals and make any necessary updates. At the same time, the functionality of the website is always checked.

Now and then!

Hackers and malware protection

We actively protect your website against hacking attacks and malware. Do you have a hint, should be traded as soon as possible. We regularly check the files in your WordPress installation for malware or other malicious code and stop hacking with special security measures.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - WordPress maintenance

Your must have!

Care & maintenance

We not only update your WordPress website, we also take care of the care and check u.a. Also, if there are outdated plugins for which there are no updates. In addition, we check daily if your website is working properly.

Is everything working?


Is your website always accessible? Due to a security hole, is your WordPress installation offline? Does an update cause problems? In certain cases, there are repeated failures of your website? It is often difficult to analyze this problem yourself because the right tools are missing. We monitor your website with special software around the clock. In case of breakdowns you will be informed by us.

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