WordPress Relocation Service

WordPress Relocation Service

WordPress relocation without downtime – server change or domain change for a fixed price.

You are planning a complete server change and want to move your website? You want to change the domain for your WordPress website? Then you’ve come to the right place! We specialize in the relocation of WordPress websites and offer them at a previously agreed fixed price. So there are no further costs to you.

Moving to a new domain?

domain switch

You have registered a new domain and want to move there with your existing website? We initiate the important steps for the move, from the conversion of the domain within WordPress to the redirection of indexed URLs to the new domain. These are important steps to ensure that your website is listed correctly again on Google & Co.

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A change of hosting is imminent?

Changing the server

The change of your hosting provider is imminent and your WordPress website should be moved to another server or to another hosting package with higher performance? We provide for the problem-free removal of your complete WordPress installation with all files and all data including database (migration). It doesn’t matter which provider / hoster you choose. We would also be happy to make a recommendation. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator We have had very good experiences with “all-inkl.com” and “Webgo”.

Relocation service for your WordPress website

We will make the move of your entire website to a new domain or a new server / hoster (migration).

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