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Professional websites

with the CMS
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Web design with the CMS WordPress

A successful web design takes exactly the requirements and expectations of the users into account.

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Web design

Clear navigation, easy-to-understand content and an intuitive user interface.

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Brand design

A website should be aesthetically designed and reflect the company's image.

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Responsive design

Top-notch web design that is responsive and works flawlessly on all devices.

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20 years of WordPress web design

Websites that optimally represent and advance your business

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Brand design

We build your brand to drive your business forward.

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Mobile App Projects

We build mobile apps for WordPress & your WooCommerce shop for iOS & Android.

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Wordpress Web design

JoeWP WordPress Agency

WordPress web design for companies

A successful web design takes exactly the requirements and expectations of the users into account. We value clear navigation, easy-to-understand content and an intuitive user interface to optimize the user experience. A website should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also reflect the company’s image.

Given the growing proportion of users browsing on mobile devices, it is essential that a top-notch web design is responsive and works flawlessly on all devices. Our WordPress websites automatically adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience on all devices.

Fast loading times are very important because users quickly become impatient if a page takes too long to load. In addition, a nimble website helps to achieve a better ranking in Google search results. When designing our websites, we always make sure that they load quickly and therefore offer a smooth user experience. Good web design should also be search engine friendly in order to achieve higher rankings in search results. WordPress stands for clean HTML code and when structuring the website we make sure to establish a clear page structure so that search engines can easily search and index the website.

Our CMS WordPress

WordPress represents web software that can be used to create modern and sophisticated online presences, websites, blogs and e-commerce platforms. As open source software, there are no license fees. Furthermore, WordPress has the largest community of developers in the world, which means that the web software is always up to date and extremely secure.

As a content management system, WordPress proves to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners. Users can easily maintain their website independently, insert and manage content without having to rely on special programming knowledge.

The combination of ease of use, customizability, SEO-friendliness, security, extensibility and cost-effectiveness makes WordPress the optimal choice as a content management system, be it for small or large businesses, personal websites or blogs.

Responsive design

The design of a website is designed to be extremely flexible to ensure a consistently pleasant user experience on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones and to make the content easy and quick to understand for visitors.

A decisive factor for the long-term viability of responsive websites is the maintenance effort. All content of a website, be it graphic or textual, is created once by us and can be made available to users on all current and future devices and resolutions with consistent comfort.

WordPress Web design

for start-ups, SMEs and corporations

Tailor-made digital solutions for current requirements at a professional level.

Thanks to our cooperation with corporations and organizations, we have extensive expertise in the development of enterprise WordPress solutions. This enables us to implement individual requirements from corporations and industry as well as web development for medium-sized companies. Our customers thus benefit from extensive experience in various industries.

Our focus is on emotional elements that captivate the viewer and on intuitive operation that is self-explanatory. With our many years of experience in the areas of web development, UI/UX design, branding, e-commerce and web design as well as our flair for your individual design, we implement your vision of a convincing web presence. We provide consulting, development and support to ensure your website stands out from the competition. Contact us and let’s take your web presence to the next level together.

Consider our WordPress agency your reliable partner when it comes to optimizing your website for the future or creating a new internet presence. Regardless of whether it is a shop, a landing page, a blog, an app or a social media connection – we ensure that your website presents your company in the best possible way.

Heli Putz
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Website Heli Putz

Re-creation of the website for the outdoor photographer and film producer Heli Putz.

abatrans bueromoebel
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Website Abatrans Office furniture

Complete redesign of the website for the company “Office Furniture abatrans” in Munich.

Lodge Krippenstein
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Website Lodge Krippenstein

Relaunch of the website for the newly expanded Lodge Krippenstein in Austria.

Schwepper Store
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Website Schwepper

Optimization of the website and online store of Schwepper Beschlag GmbH & Co. KG in terms of UX design, performance and SEO.

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Website Ghost Solutions

Optimization of the website of the text agency Ghost Solutions. We have fundamentally optimized the website in terms of UX design, performance and SEO.

our WordPress Agency for:






Creating professional websites is a significant challenge on the internet. It requires a successful combination of technology and design, including optimization for mobile devices. Effective quality management plays a crucial role here. With us you can achieve these goals.


Our solutions are individually tailored to each customer to ensure that your corporate identity is preserved in your online presence. We do not offer any products from the Website Builder.


As the pioneers of WordPress in 2003, we can look back on many years of experience that has made us professional WordPress experts. Our experienced team takes care of your project from start to finish and beyond.


Our websites and WooCommerce stores represent an excellent investment. Not only are they fast, responsive, and highly functional, they retain their quality for years to come. We will find the optimal solution for your project and you can benefit from our creative ideas!

WordPress web design performance

Today’s Internet is characterized by multimedia content and, in particular, by three different categories of devices: desktop computers (including laptops), tablets and smartphones. Each of these device groups requires a specific and individual presentation of online content. The challenge is that the interaction between users and computers is subject to special characteristics in the different device categories.

Potential customers are looking for your company or your products. However, a weak online presence can have a significant impact on your effectiveness.

This leads to different user profiles that must be taken into account in the functionality of the respective version of the website. Nevertheless, it is important that all versions follow a consistent design concept so that users immediately recognize the company and brand even after switching between devices.

We are experts in optimizing WordPress website performance and are happy to help significantly improve your website load time. Simply request a non-binding offer.

Satisfied WordPress and WooCommerce operators

What our customers say about the WordPress agency JoeWP®

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Prof. Dr. Heinz-Herbert Fiebig
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder 4HF Biotec

The WordPress agency JoeWP implemented the relaunch of our website perfectly. The collaboration is very professional and the team doesn't just work, but gives us new impulses. We look forward to many more years of good cooperation.

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Dipl. – Ing. Marcus Schüssler
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Owner + CEO Schwepper Beschlag GmbH & Co. KG

A great team whose professional expertise helped us take our company to the next level.

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Melinda Locker
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CEO Purethan AG

JoeWP created complex applications for us on our new website. This means we now have more space for creative ideas and innovations.

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Heli Putz
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Outdoor Leadership

In the many years of working with the JoeWP agency, we appreciated the creativity and quick implementation of ongoing work on our website.

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