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WordPress Relaunch

Website relaunch / migration of content

Your website has not been updated for many years? The design is from 1999? Texts and pictures have not been changed for years? The complete system is outdated? Recently, more and more errors occur in the presentation of the website, because the outdated source code is no longer supported by new browsers? At least now you should think about the WordPress relaunch of your website.

What does it mean?


A relaunch is the complete rebuilding of a web presence. We use the latest Internet technologies in conjunction with a CMS from WordPress. We create a professional design of the website, which is responsive, so is optimally displayed on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. This will then reach the users with mobile devices.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - WordPress relaunch
JoeWP WordPress Agency - WordPress relaunch

Is the relaunch future-proof?


With a modern relaunch, a further relaunch should not be necessary for a long time. After the relaunch, it will be easy to expand the website later. We ensure this by using current, future-proof systems such as the WordPress CMS. Due to ongoing updates, the system is kept up to date.

Website relaunch for your WordPress website

We will make the relaunch of your complete website to a current CMS of WordPress for you. In the course of the relaunch we will do the following work:

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