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Here you will find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions and our answers. Simply call up the questions you are interested in and read the answers.

How long does it take to implement the work on the DSGVO?2018-09-14T13:38:34+02:00

The work to convert your website to the new DSGVO takes about 1 week. We will let you know the exact duration as soon as the order has been placed.

What does the conversion of the website to the DSGVO cost?2018-09-14T13:39:33+02:00

Every website has to be checked before and the effort has to be estimated. For smaller websites the effort is usually between € 250,00 – € 500,00. However, we check this beforehand and then tell the customer the fixed price.

Am I affected by the DSGVO?2018-09-14T13:40:33+02:00

Every company that stores personal names and e-mail addresses is affected by the DSGVO. This is also the case if you are active in the B2B sector. Thus every company and every enterprise is affected.

Is a data protection declaration on my website alone sufficient?2018-09-14T13:41:22+02:00

No. As mentioned above, several steps are necessary to have a legally compliant website that complies with the DSGVO.

What are the costs of working on my website?2019-08-01T15:56:07+02:00

This depends on your individual task and the condition of your website. Give us as precise a description of your website as possible and provide us with your complete access data.

For example, we can usually complete the following work within half an hour to an hour:

minor adjustments to the design (fonts, colors, text sizes etc.)
Installation and setup of plugins
Creation of a child theme
Optimization of individual images
Setting up Caching & Minify
Creating and scheduling backups
Installation of updates for WordPress, plugins and themes
Setup of webmaster tools
Fixing bugs in plugins or themes

If you want to be absolutely sure, please ask us for a cost estimate before processing or set us a limit for the effort.

Can I get a quotation?2019-08-01T15:56:16+02:00

If your desired order is not covered by the fixed offer prices, we will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate. The more specific your description of the desired work is, the more accurate our estimate can be.

However, billing is always based on our actual workload. Before we exceed the aforementioned effort, we request your consent.

Which access data do you need and where can I find them?2019-08-01T15:56:23+02:00

So that we can help you reliably and quickly, we need the following things:

Administrator access to your WordPress website (can also be deleted or deactivated after the work has been completed).
The FTP access data to your web server (necessary to solve problems and create backups).
If you do not know your FTP data, you can alternatively provide us with the access data for your hosting package.

For certain tasks (e.g. domain change, database access) we also need the access data for your hosting package.

Is my information safe with JoeWP?2019-08-01T15:56:29+02:00

Your address data and access data are transmitted to us encrypted via SSL (this can be seen at the top of the lock in the address line of the browser) and treated confidentially by us. Information about your website and communication will also be treated confidentially.

Payment for our work can be made by bank transfer.

When will I receive the invoice?2019-08-01T15:56:36+02:00

At the end of each month you will receive an invoice for the work carried out by us and/or for the package selected by you.

style examples on your site missing2019-08-01T15:56:43+02:00

Some design examples are based on Avada templates. These are pure suggestions and examples for individual industries such as Hotels & Resorts, Fashion, Cafes & Restaurants, Travel, Livestyle, Architecture, Consulting professions etc. These basic designs are adapted by us to the respective corporate identity of the customer company. When creating or relaunching a customer project, special design proposals from the respective customer are also included.

These are the client’s own creative and unique rights. If new customers see these finished projects on our website and want to create their own project in the same or similar way, there is a conflict of interest with legal consequences for us. In cases, in which we have a concrete agreement of our customers for the passing on of the Web project, we call these examples gladly on request.

In this way, we also protect your web project in the event of a new order.

By the way: Our own web project is a freely usable reference. Here you can find many of the available functions and designs on individual websites.

We are far away from your office2019-08-01T15:56:51+02:00

Our customers are located in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy. Cooperation projects with partners from China and the Far East are also included. With our order tracking system, our customers are always able to call up information about the current processing status of their commissioned web project. In this way the project status becomes comprehensible for our customers. Customers can thus easily make changes and suggestions in the current project.

No flat rates2019-08-01T15:56:58+02:00

We provide you with an individual work for your web project, therefore we do not quote flat rates on our website.

The price of a web project depends on the size and complexity of the planned web presence. We do not see ourselves as low-price providers who offer prefabricated web projects from a drawer for just a few hundred euros. However, if you are looking for a competent, creative and reliable partner for your project, we will make you an offer with fair prices.

We realize complex CMS – websites (editorial systems), which can be managed and operated by our customers independently without the help of a web designer or webmaster. We train you or your employees on request.

Create and Logo Design?2019-08-01T15:57:06+02:00

We design logos for every need and for every industry. Whether simple names or extensive company branding. Together with you we develop the desired logo or adapt it to your existing corporate identity.

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