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Here you will find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and our answers to them. Simply call up the questions you are interested in and read the answers. If you have any further questions, simply request our free callback.

We can only give you exact costs when we have carried out a first analysis. Afterwards you receive from us a first estimate of the expected costs as well as information on the further procedure.
We charge the costs for checking the WordPress installation and determining the current situation at a flat rate of 1 hour (130 € net plus VAT, during regular office hours). Should the WordPress installation be repaired within this framework, we will do a repair.
If the repair is not completed within this timeframe, you will receive information about the condition and a cost estimate for further required work at the end of the test.

Hourly rate during office hours: 130 € net plus 19% VAT
Hourly rate outside office hours and on public holidays: € 140 net plus VAT
After the first hour, we expect every 15 minutes.
Our regular office hours are from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Log all details that triggered the current problem case. Which actions or changes preceded the error? Take screenshots of errors or displayed error messages and send them to us.
The more detail you can give us, the faster and more effectively we can help you solve the problem.
Furthermore, we need the access data to your website such as: WordPress administrator access and FTP data. In certain cases, we also need the access to the web host.

After you have all the information described above, contact us via the form included on this page. After submitting the form, we will contact you shortly.

Yes, on request we will send you a signed maintenance contract with the individual specifications. The current options for the various maintenance contracts can be found here:https://joewp.com/en/wordpress-maintenance/

We will issue an invoice at the conclusion of the maintenance contract. This invoice must be paid in advance. Only after payment we start with the work on the maintenance contract. You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.

Yes, that is possible. Our preferred method of payment, however, is the annual billing, since the accounting expense is not so great.

Yes, in any case. The shop system WooCommerce should always be maintained. It is as important as maintaining the WordPress installation.

Yes, maintenance contracts apply to all WordPress sites. It does not matter which configuration or themes and plugins are installed. An exception are multisites. We will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

Before the conclusion of a monthly maintenance contract, the WordPress website should be updated once. We offer this measure together with a general security check. This applies to new customers for whom we have not programmed the website. Only after this test can the ongoing maintenance and the safe further update be made. The costs for the initial check of a website with new customers can only be mentioned after the first check. They are essentially based on the state of the website and the topicality of the installed themes and plugins. The effort is not very big if the website was kept up to date. However, if your website has not been updated for a few years, the cost of the first update and the recording of security measures, etc. is correspondingly higher.

We are often asked this question: Hackers usually do not target a specific company. These hacks are usually carried out automatically by systems (robots) that scan websites on the Internet. If it is then determined that there are security vulnerabilities, these websites are hacked automatically or manually afterwards. For this reason, securing a website is extremely important.

Sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. The number of websites hacked each year is very high and in the billions. So the risk of being hacked is not small, especially if the website is out of date. Updating only once a year carries the risk of significant security gaps. The fact that WordPress as the most widely used CMS is often hacked is due to the widespread use of the system. Constant updating is therefore an absolute must.

The topicality of a WP website can be easily seen in the WordPress dashboard. A notice about updates is displayed in the left menu bar. This notice with the update symbol also appears in the upper dashboard bar. In the case of premium themes or plugins, this information is only given if they are activated. We would be happy to check that your website is up-to-date before signing a maintenance contract.

We recommend monthly updates for smaller websites. Company and company websites should be updated at least weekly. This means that security gaps can be quickly eliminated. We offer different types of maintenance contracts for different requirement profiles.We offer different types of maintenance contracts for different requirement profiles. Depending on your budget, you can choose which package is required.

If the website is not maintained, it will become very outdated. Security gaps and outdated source code are the result. This often leads to the website failing completely or not working properly any longer. New functions in the WP system, theme, design, template and the plugins are published several times a year by the developers. These must be updated regularly on the website. Security gaps that are not eliminated ultimately lead to incompatibilities of the website and plugins. Websites that no longer function properly lead to a considerable loss of image on corporate websites. Such websites are also penalized by Google and Co. and you must expect ranking losses.

When the updates are imported, a maintenance message appears online. The website is then immediately available again. This usually only takes a short time, usually less than a minute. If there are problems with updates, longer downtimes cannot be ruled out. We therefore offer the option of setting up updates on staging servers beforehand as a test

Yes, we always create a backup locally on the customer’s web server or, if requested, in the customer’s cloud. In the first case, the website can always be restored quickly and easily.

It’s very simple: for website operators who cannot or do not want to provide the know-how for professional maintenance and care, a WP expert is the ideal alternative. In many cases, the customer simply has no time to take care of maintenance or he wants to use the time better and more effectively for his core business. As professionals, we are constantly confronted with the maintenance of WordPress and WooCommerce websites and, in case of doubt, we know quickly and exactly what to do to ensure that the maintenance is carried out professionally.

Do you want to take care of the updates yourself or do you want to take over certain parts of the maintenance contract yourself? But you need support with security, monitoring, statistics, etc. We can also take over this work at an hourly rate or we can make you a special offer. Simply contact us.

For maintenance we need access to:

– WordPress dashboard – with administration rights
– FTP access
– In individual cases also access to the web host (in emergencies)

If your desired order is not covered by the fixed offer prices, we will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate. The more specific your description of the work you want, the more accurate our estimate can be.

The billing is always based on our actual workload. Before we exceed the aforementioned effort, we will request your consent.

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