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Improve the loading time of your own website

Since 2018 Google has made the loading speed (website speed or page speed) a decisive ranking factor. Since then, it has been essential to check and, if necessary, optimize the loading time of your own website to ensure that it can be found. Mobile users with smartphones or tablets don’t like slow websites on the go. Although high-speed Internet access for mobile devices is already available in conurbations, the Internet connection via smartphone is usually considerably slower than in stationary WLAN. Optimization for fast loading times is therefore particularly important. In any case, the loading time of the web page should be less than 3 seconds, ideally 1.5 seconds.

Google likes fast loading websites

Google Ranking

The loading time in which a website is built is a ranking factor and an important quality feature for Google. Fast loading times improve the positioning in the search engines.

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Who wants to wait?


What’s important to Google is just as important to website users. If you want your website to be professionally set up, a good look is no longer enough. Loading times in particular are a criterion for whether the website is popular with potential customers. Otherwise, services and product presentations become a nerve-wracking thing and customers jump out prematurely.

Faster = Better

bounce rate

Visitors to a website do not wait for long loading times. You leave the website before it is fully loaded. High bounce rates are the result, which also has a very negative effect on Google’s ranking.

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Every second more sales

increase in sales

Loading times are not only a decisive factor for your turnover in e-commerce. However, optimizing the page speed is particularly important in this area. Surveys at online retailer Amazon have shown that 100 milliseconds of additional loading time result in a drop in sales of around 1 percent.

Smartphone users love speed

Mobile Devices

The technologies for mobile connections are still relatively slow and not comparable with a high-speed connection at home or at work. However, mobile website users are a considerable customer potential that should not be forgotten. PageSpeed optimization is especially important for the use of mobile devices.

JoeWP Updates Wordpress performance

PageSpeed Optimization for WordPress Websites

We specialize in optimizing your WordPress website for fast loading times.

Measures to optimize loading time + Google PageSpeed

  • Optimize all images

  • Merge stylesheets into a CSS file
  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Minify/Summarize HTML
  • CSSL minify/combine

  • JS minify/combine

  • Activate delayed JS (defer)
  • Enable LazyLoad for images
  • Using CSS sprites
  • Using server-side caching
  • Set up browser caching
  • Setting up Gzip compression
  • Setting Up CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • 301-reduce redirects
  • Using a dedicated server
  • Improve server response time

  • Use current PHP and MySQL versions

  • Set up SSL certificate on the website
  • Reduce plugins on the website
  • Enable HTTP / 2

Test website speed by yourself

The loading speed of a website is extremely important. The full display of the website should be under 2 seconds. With longer load times you lose customers who usually do not come back. Especially for websites of companies and companies as well as shops the loading time of the website is crucial for the business success. With the right technology and programming as well as especially the optimization on speed (PageSpeed optimization) the website will have the desired success.

Important: We update this page again and again and adapt it to the current developments of Internet technology. Performance optimization is a constantly changing process. New techniques require a rethink in terms of performance. Our suggestions and tips are kept up to date here. So it pays to visit this site every now and then.

We are happy to take over the work for you, in order to optimize the WordPress performance of your website and thus to achieve much faster loading times. Just let us make you an offer.

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