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Improve the loading time of your own website

Google has made loading speed (website speed or PageSpeed) a decisive ranking factor. Since then, it has been essential to check and, if necessary, optimize the loading time of your own website to ensure that it can be found. Mobile users with smartphones or tablets don’t like slow websites on the go. Although high-speed Internet access for mobile devices is already available in conurbations, the Internet connection via smartphone is usually considerably slower than in stationary WLAN. Optimization for fast loading times is therefore particularly important. In any case, the loading time of the web page should be less than 3 seconds, ideally 1.5 seconds.

Google likes fast loading websites

Google Ranking

The loading time in which a website is built is a ranking factor and an important quality feature for Google. Fast loading times improve the positioning in the search engines.

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Who wants to wait?


What’s important to Google is just as important to website users. If you want your website to be professionally set up, a good look is no longer enough. Loading times in particular are a criterion for whether the website is popular with potential customers. Otherwise, services and product presentations become a nerve-wracking thing and customers jump out prematurely.

Faster = Better

bounce rate

Visitors to a website do not wait for long loading times. You leave the website before it is fully loaded. High bounce rates are the result, which also has a very negative effect on Google’s ranking.

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Every second more sales

increase in sales

Loading times are not only a decisive factor for your turnover in e-commerce. However, optimizing the page speed is particularly important in this area. Surveys at online retailer Amazon have shown that 100 milliseconds of additional loading time result in a drop in sales of around 1 percent.

Smartphone users love speed

Mobile Devices

The technologies for mobile connections are still relatively slow and not comparable with a high-speed connection at home or at work. However, mobile website users are a considerable customer potential that should not be forgotten. PageSpeed optimization is especially important for the use of mobile devices.

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PageSpeed Optimization for WordPress Websites

We specialize in optimizing your WordPress website for fast loading times.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - PageSpeed Optimization

Measuring charging times

We determine the loading times of your website in a comprehensive analysis. We use various tools and analysis programs, various Internet connections and various terminal devices.

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Through suitable measures such as source code compression, caching, image optimization and many other optimizations, which we have described below, we ensure optimal loading times for your website.

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Once all optimizations have been carried out, you will receive detailed statistics and results analyses from us. This allows you to check for yourself how the loading speed of your website has improved.

Measures to optimize loading time + Google PageSpeed

Optimize all images

Merge stylesheets into a CSS file

Reduce HTTP requests

Minify/Summarize HTML

Minify / summarize CSS

JS minify/combine

Activate delayed JS (defer)

Enable LazyLoad for images

Using CSS sprites

Using server-side caching

Set up browser caching

Setting up Gzip compression

Setting Up CDN (Content Delivery Network)

301-reduce redirects

Using a dedicated server

Improve server response time

Use current PHP and MySQL versions

Set up SSL certificate on the website

Reduce plugins on the website

Enable HTTP / 2

Test website speed by yourself

The following tests show the performance of the JoeWP website

The loading speed of a website is extremely important. The full display of the website should be under 2 seconds. With loading times of more than 3 seconds you lose customers who usually don’t come back. Especially for websites of companies and companies as well as shops the loading time of the website is crucial for the business success. With the right technology and programming as well as especially the optimization on speed (PageSpeed optimization) the website will have the desired success.


Pingdom Website Speed Test

The Pingdom test provides an effective overview of the performance of your own website with results on the degree of optimization and the loading speed. Tip: perform the test 2 to 3 times in quick succession, as the first result is output without caching. The further results then show the real cached value. Users from Europe should test via “London / Frankfurt”.

Link to the Pingdom Website Speed Test

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Pingdom Test


GTmetrix uses various test methods and displays them in a collected form. So z. For example, YSlow and Waterfall results are displayed on different tabs. After the test result has been output, suggestions for optimization are given. The only disadvantage is that the test is carried out in Vancouver – Canada and the values for Germany are therefore not displayed optimally. With a free GTmetrix account can also be tested from London.

Link to the GTmetrix Speed Test

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Performance Test GTMetrix

Test Optimization Mobile Devices

The Google mobile optimization test makes it easy to easily and easily determine if your website is suitable and optimized for mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Normally, this should be standard on modern websites (Responsive Website).

Link to Google Test for Optimization for Mobile Devices

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Test of Optimization for Mobile Devices
JoeWP WordPress Agency


There is another option for developers to extensively examine the performance of the website. Lighthouse is an automated open source tool for improving the quality of websites. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO, and more. The tool performs a series of checks and then generates a report on the health of the page. You can run Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools or from the command line.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Lighthouse Test with all ratings 100 points
JoeWP WordPress Agency

Google PageSpeed Insights

Result for desktop

With the PageSpeed Insights Tool (PSI) from Google you can examine a website for speed and optimization possibilities.

The tool tests the performance for both desktop and smartphones. There are also recommendations for improving the user experience. PSI’s report provides a rating that summarizes the site’s performance. The given score is obtained by running Lighthouse to collect and analyze laboratory data through the site. A (green) score of over 90 is very good. A score from 50 to 90 (orange) indicates that the website should be improved. A result below 50 (red) is considered bad.

Speeding up a website is usually not an easy task. It is often difficult to diagnose why a website is running slower than it should. The problems start with poorly written code up to not optimized and too large images and page elements, too many plugins etc.

It is important to diagnose and fix these issues, otherwise Google will rate the site in question poorly. Google prefers websites that load quickly. If the website is fast, it will rank better on Google than slow websites.

Link to Google PageSpeed Insights

Joe WP WordPress Agency - Google PageSpeed Insights Test

Google PageSpeed Insights

Result for mobile

Lighthouse is currently simulating the loading of pages on a mid-tier device (Moto G4) on a cellular network.

PSI offers laboratory data and field data on one page. Laboratory data is useful for debugging performance problems because it is collected in a controlled environment. Field data is useful for capturing a real user experience. PSI shows the metric data First Contentful Paint (FCP), First Input Delay (FID), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for the specific page URL.

Web Vitals is a Google initiative to provide consistent quality signals. Core Web Vitals defines the user experience on the web. Optimizing the user experience is key to any website’s long-term success. Web Vitals can quantify the user experience of your website and identify opportunities for improvement.

Core Web Vitals contain a number of signals that are of primary importance to any web experience. The Core Web Vitals metrics are FID, LCP, and CLS with their respective thresholds. A website passes the Core Web Vitals rating if the 75th percentiles of all three metrics are good. Otherwise, the page fails the rating.

Link to Google PageSpeed Insights

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Google PagSpeed Insights Test Mobile

Core Web Vitals

The PageSpeed is evaluated by Google both through a live test and through stored test results, the “Lighthouse Audits”. In the Google test results, the “Web Vitals” show all the indicators that make a website user-friendly. Website owners shouldn’t be performance gurus to understand the quality of user experience they are providing to their website visitors.

Web Vitals is a Google initiative to provide consistent guidelines for quality signals that are essential for the best user experience on the web. The Web Vitals initiative aims to simplify the user experience and help websites focus on the most important metrics, the Core Web Vitals. The Web Vitals became the official ranking factor on Google in April 2021.

The metrics that make up Core Web Vitals will evolve over time. The current set for 2020 focuses on three aspects of the user experience – loading, interactivity, and visual stability – and includes the following metrics (and their respective thresholds):

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): measures the loading performance = how fast the content is displayed / rendered. To provide a good user experience, LCP should occur within 2.5 seconds of the first page loading.
  • First Input Delay (FID): measures the interactivity = how fast you can use the page. For a good user experience, pages should have an FID of less than 0.1 seconds (100 milliseconds).
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): measures the visual stability = whether there are jumps of elements when loading. For a good user experience, pages should have a CLS of less than 0.1 seconds.

Tools to measure and report Core Web Vitals

Google believes that the Core Web Vitals are critical to any web experience. Because of this, it has made it a goal to publish these metrics in all of its tools. Tools that support Core Web Vitals are PageSpeed Insights and the Core Web Vitals report of the Search Console. There are a number of other tools for developers, but they are not suitable for normal website users.

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Screenshot from the Google Web Vitals testafter our performance optimization

Important (Update January 2023): We update this page regularly and adapt it to the latest developments in Internet technology. Performance optimization is a constantly changing process. New techniques require a rethink in terms of performance. Our suggestions and tips are kept up to date here. So it pays to visit this site every now and then.

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