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Fix Google Search Console error

In the last few weeks at the end of February 2019, Google made a number of changes to Search Console. Most of these changes have little impact on users. Here are some of the implications of Google Search Console for users who use online stores.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - PWA

Progressive Web Apps – PWA

Progressive Web Apps – PWA. Most likely you’ve used it before. PWA is a term that is currently a big topic among app developers. However, it is often difficult for users on the Internet to understand exactly how these apps work.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Password Protection

Secure passwords on the Internet

Bad combinations of passwords like “1234567” for your internet accounts are at high risk of being hacked. So don’t be surprised if kiddies can easily spy on your email traffic, chat history and other accounts on the Internet.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - IT Security

The 4 most important things about IT security

If you adhere to the four most important things about IT security, you hardly have to worry anymore! Hacker attack, virus, ransomware, worm. If you adhere to these four simple rules, as a company or privately you are armed against almost all IT attacks.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The latest version of Gutenberg can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. It can also be installed in the plugin directory on the “Add plugin” page of the WordPress dashboard.

Wordpress Agency JoeWP - The 17 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

List of 17 most common search engine optimization mistakes and how to avoid them
Search Engine Optimization Error: Your Website Is Not Found On Google? You have no idea why that is?

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Wordpress Agency JoeWP - GDPR for forms

Contact forms and the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been binding in force since May 25, 2018. Since then, a few things have to be observed to protect personal data. In particular, on websites that offer the option of contacting us through a corresponding contact form, adjustments must be made for the GDPR.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - WP Backups

WordPress Security for Experts

Firewall Block Bad Queries (BBQ) BBQ ist eine superschnelle Firewall, die WordPress automatisch vor Versuchen schützt, Schadcode über URL-Aufrufe auszuführen. Das Plugin ist einfach zu installieren und erfordert in der Grundinstallation