Configure Entity Tags

Configure Entity Tags

GTmetrix or Pingdom will show you the following Configure Entity Tags (ETags)?

Configuring ETags is one of the most common problems in fixing the speed of a website. In GTmetrix or Pingdom, this error will be displayed if your web server does not properly configure Etags.

Here’s how to fix the error: “Configure Entity Tags (ETags)”

Briefly explained: What is entity tags (ETags)

Entity Tags (ETags) is a mechanism of HTTP for checking the Web cache. It provides a unique ID that sends a request from the browser to the web server. Not all requirements of the web server are needed if the website is visited regularly. The ETags mechanism sends browser requests to server-specific resources that have not changed. The server sends the cache first and then the new resources. ETags collects data from the cache of the server and makes it available to the browser.

Advantages of ETags:
Better caching and faster load times
Lower server load

Disadvantages of ETags:
Slower load times and multiple caching of the same resource
Higher server load

Methods for Correcting Configure Entity Tags (ETags):

There are two ways to fix ETags (configure entity tags).

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Configure Entity Tags (ETags)
JoeWP WordPress Agency – Configure Entity Tags (ETags)

# 1 about the Apache configuration

If you have root access to your server or SSH access, open your: httpd.conf.

How to open your httpd.conf:


and add the following lines of code:


    FileETag MTime Size


# 2 via the .htaccess

If you do not have SSH access, you can correct Configure Entity Tags (ETags) using .htaccess. Paste the following lines of code into your .htaccess:

Header unset Etag
FileETag none

This solves the problem with the Configure Entity Tags (ETags).

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