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DBI Group

Reprogramming of the intranet of the company DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH in Freiburg and Leipzig. It is used to manage the internal company structure with 160 employees. The website project was realized on the basis of WordPress. Professional software was installed for administration and communication between employees. This is used to control employee profiles and extensive rights management. For the provision of internal articles, notifications and news, the integrated WordPress blog system is used with assignment to around 20 specialist departments at the Freiburg and Leipzig locations. Powerful search functions are integrated for all functions. Extensive statistical software was installed for internal evaluations.

Site Specifications:

CMS: WordPress

Responsive design

Employee management software

Statistics software

Software for extensive search functions

Blog System integrated

Page-Speed Optimization

JoeWP maintenance contract for daily cloud backups + malware scan + uptime monitoring + update services and installation of a firewall