WordPress Backup Service 365 days

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Our WordPress backup service includes the complete backup routine for WordPress websites with or without WooCommerce online store. The regular backup (from daily to monthly – at the request of the customer) includes the entire web space of the WordPress installation and the associated MySQL database. This saves the entire content of the website with texts, configurations or customer data. The backups are stored on your own server in a separate directory or on your own external cloud storage.

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WordPress Backup Service 365 days

Regular backups are an absolute necessity for every website operator and certainly for businesses. The WordPress Backup Service is an effective combination of automated and / or manual actions. Repeated or multiple backups are performed in the form of backups of the webspace directories and the MySQL database of a WordPress website.

Why are regular WordPress backups important?

A WordPress website collects a lot of data during operation (sometimes including personal data). This is done by the construction of texts in the blog posts, by links, comments or configuration settings and by the upload of static files such as images, PDFs, templates and other documents.

In practice, two different storage variants occur:

1. The web server or web space accessible via FTP takes over the management of all static files of the WordPress website
2. The MySQL database kept separate from the web server. All dynamic information such as texts, links, configuration settings, product descriptions or user and customer information are stored in a relational database schema.

The above data is necessary for the functionality of a WordPress website. If the site is maliciously attacked and hacked, or data is damaged or deleted by unplanned events, then backup is the only way to make the site work again. Without these backups, the only thing left to do is rebuilding and reprogramming the site, which adds up to a significant cost, not to mention the cost of lost revenue and lost customers and lost image.

What luck if you have a recent and complete backup of webspace and database. With the backup, the data can be completely restored with relatively little effort and in a timely manner.

Requirements for the WordPress Security module

Process and implementation

  • Secure transmission of all necessary access data
  • Setting up the backup routine
  • Ongoing backup service in the selected backup interval (once a day or once a week)

The backup service will be set up within 7 business days of the order confirmation, unless other arrangements are made with the customer. Shortly before the end of the 365 days, the customer will be informed about the end of the term and can either extend it for another year or cancel the backup service.

If you have further questions about the product, procedure and scope of services, our WordPress support is always available.

Specifications WordPress Backup Service 365 days:

  • Regular backup of all domain directories and MySQL databases
  • Daily MySQL backup of the database
  • Weekly backup of the web server directories incl. of directory wp-content
  • Data storage in the local server system or in the cloud
  • Additional weekly backup in the cloud on request
  • The backup service is valid for a full year (365 days). An extension for another year as well as a termination is possible at any time at the end of the term.

Any questions about the module?

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WordPress Backup Service 365 days
960,00  incl. VAT