WordPress security module

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The WordPress Security module includes a set of basic security customizations for more security while running a WordPress website. This includes the installation and configuration of a security software as well as the adjustments to configuration files and database. We check the security of passwords and usernames, versioning hints or debugging information. If necessary, these are adjusted and deactivated to close security holes and minimize the risk of hacker attacks.

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WordPress security module

The security of a WordPress website is an exceptionally important criterion for the sustainable success of a professional Internet presence. If a website is hacked, this often leads not only to considerable data loss but also to a manipulation of content. Most unnoticed malware is installed on the website. This leads to significant economic damage through loss of revenue and high recovery costs. For companies, this is accompanied by a significant loss of image.

WordPress is already pretty safe by nature. Due to its widespread use, WordPress is also a frequent target of hacker attacks and malicious software. This is especially the case when many plugins are used by third-party developers. With our WordPress security module, the risk of system damage is minimized and WordPress is made more secure.

In addition to installing and configuring security software, the package also includes many manual adjustments to the WordPress installation and server configuration system.

Requirements for the WordPress Security module

Process and implementation

  • Introductory pre-call (telephony, remote maintenance Skype)
  • Secure transmission of all necessary access data
  • Implementation of security adjustments
  • Transmission of documentation (adjustments, access data, important changes)
  • Instruction in new safety functions

If all necessary requirements can be met by the customer at the start of the project, the implementation takes place within 7 days after the order confirmation.

If you have further questions about the product, procedure and scope of services, our WordPress support is always available.

Specifications WordPress Security Module:

  • Installation and setup of the Wordfence security plugin

  • Verifying the password strength of the Admin user accounts (important security factor)
  • Control and adjustment of file and directory permissions and user permissions on the web server
  • Firewall integration for WordPress (software)
  • Activation of SSL / TLS encryption with integration and adaptation of the database
  • Renamed the WordPress content directory “wp-content” for more script security
  • Manual adjustments to the configuration file “wp-config.php” for more security
  • Customize the file permissions for wp-config.php and .htaccess
  • Activation for encrypted login force
  • Deactivation of login error messages
  • Disable WordPress debugging
  • Deactivation backend editor
  • Remove the WordPress version number
  • Adaptation of the database prefix
  • SMTPs for secure e-mail traffic instead of the internal phpmail ()-function

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JoeWP WordPress Agency - WordPress Security Module
WordPress security module
1.190,00  incl. VAT