WordPress Performance Module

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With our WordPress Performance Module we optimize the speed of WordPress websites. Our measures include adjustments to the hosting package and the web server as well as the existing installation of the WordPress website. We install and check important performance factors such as caching and compression by installing and configuring the WP Rocket plugin. Before we do the optimizations, we’ll do an analysis of the entire system and pinpoint weaknesses that slow down performance.

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WordPress Performance Module

Neither Google nor the users of their website like slow websites. This applies in particular to the use of mobile devices. In mobile data networks, the performance of a website plays a particularly important role. Every second additional loading time has a negative impact on sales. Users are jumping off and worse search engine rankings are the result. With our WordPress performance module, sales losses, conversion losses, bad usability and reduced SEO performance are prevented. The performance module ensures faster loading speeds and the websites build up much faster on the Internet.

The module includes manual adjustments to the technical core of the WordPress installation as well as the use of a professional caching plugin like WP Rocket. Other optimizations include: optimizing server configuration, communicating with the browser client, reviewing and optimizing the MySQL database.

Requirements for the WordPress Performance Module

Process and implementation

  • Secure transmission of all necessary access data
  • If necessary: Joint selection of the required hosting package
  • Implementation of performance adjustments
  • Transmission of documentation (adjustments, access data, important changes)
  • Briefing on new performance features and relevant factors

After implementation of the performance optimizations, a basic small training (up to 1 hour) in dealing with the technical factors of the module (via video telephony with remote maintenance – TeamViewer). In this way, as a customer, you can extend optimizations in the long term as needed.

If you have further questions about the product, procedure and scope of services, our WordPress support is always available.

Specifications WordPress Performance Module

  • Analysis of the current performance of the website and identification of the “performance vulnerabilities”
  • Planning and consulting in choosing the hosting offer for more performance
  • Activation of server-side caching
  • Optimization of the browser-side caching
  • Activation compression, mod_deflate, gzip
  • Installation and setup of the plugin WP Rocket
  • Reviewing and optimizing images and other http-relevant files
  • Check the running server performance
  • Installation Server-Stats
  • Cleaning up the MySQL database
  • Limitation of the number of possible revisions to relieve the database
  • Deletion of obsolete post-revisions
  • Minification of JavaScript and CSS

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JoeWP WordPress Agency - WordPress Performance Module
WordPress Performance Module
1.990,00  incl. VAT