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You want to reach an international audience with your website? Then you need a multilingual website!


WordPress Multilingual: With the multilingualism of a website you reach a worldwide audience. This gives you a great competitive advantage. To make your products and services available to your international customers, your WordPress website can be set up in several languages. You need a translation into English, Spanish, Italian, French or Chinese? No problem! With our multilingual plugin we provide you with a multitude of languages to choose from.


Even the standard installation of our translation management offers the facility for over 50 languages. Once we have set up the basic configuration, you can carry out the translations yourself using the integrated language editor. Alternatively, we also offer the translations in-house or you use external translation services. All language content can be managed either on the same domain (in language directories) or alternatively on different domains or in sub-domains.


Thanks to our sophisticated multilingual facility, the implementation of multilingualism for your website is easy to manage. We make sure that your website can be internationally aligned with only one installation. Best of all, you can start with one language and install and translate other languages later, depending on your requirements.

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language selector

Most of the multilingual websites use a button for language switching in the top right-hand corner of the navigation. Users have become accustomed to this on the Internet and it has become part of user-friendliness.


Language selector function

It is important that when using the language switch only the language of the individual web page is changed. The visitor should under no circumstances return to the start page when clicking on his chosen language.


language icon

The flag of a country is usually used as a symbol for selecting your own language. To optimize the user-friendliness, the language selection can also be displayed as a text link. If many languages are available, a drop-down menu can also be used.


Language selector Visibility

Site visitors should be able to change language and switch from one language to another at any time. The language switches must therefore always be visible in the main navigation in all language versions. If language translation for individual pages is missing, the language switch for the missing language must not be visible.

You need a WordPress multilingual website?

We are happy to help you with the conversion to another or further language!