Google Analytics 4

Switch to Google Analytics 4

What is the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property? On July 1, 2023, Google will say goodbye to “Universal Analytics”. This forces users to switch to the new “Google Analytics 4” version. We’ll show you the reasons why you should switch as soon as possible and what you need to look out for when switching.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Open Graph Tags

Open Graph Meta Tags 2022 – Overview and Tips

Open Graph is an important social media marketing tool: Webmasters can use it to define exactly what the respective preview should look like. Open Graph is an Internet Protocol and was developed by Facebook. Other social platforms such as Twitter are now also using it.

Joe WP WordPress Agency - Google Search Console Error Products

Product errors Google Search Console

Many operators of online shops and users of WooCommerce shops are currently very unsettled in dealing with the reports on product improvements on the search engine Google. To determine if the structured data for your products is captured correctly, Google Search Console is mostly used.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Add Expires headers

Add Expires headers

Expired headers command the browser to download and save these files. The reason for this is to reduce the sending and receiving between the computer and the server (ie the website) and to use the cached data.The reason for this is to reduce the sending and receiving between the computer and the server (ie the website) and to use the cached data.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Configure Entity Tags (ETags)

Configure Entity Tags

Configuring ETags is one of the most common problems in fixing the speed of a website. In GTmetrix or Pingdom, this error will be displayed if your web server does not properly configure Etags.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Implement Breadcrumbs - Yoast SEO

Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Installing breadcrumbs in WordPress is not difficult. With the help of a bit of source code and Yoast SEO settings, you can optimize your Wordpress website and blog for your users by incorporating breadcrumbs.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - myisam to innodb

Conversion MyISAM to InnoDB

Converting MyISAM to InnoDB is a good idea to speed up your website’s loading time. The slowdown of large WordPress sites is often caused by non-optimized databases. Even older, WordPress installations still use the MyISAM storage subsystem for the database management system MySQL in their database.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

The nostalgic times of outbound marketing for classic marketing, with which one addressed his customers with all sorts of advertising expenses such as advertisements, mailings or trade fairs, are increasingly being overtaken.

JoeWP WordPress Agency - Remove JQuery Migrate

Remove jQuery Migrate

jQuery Migrate is a JavaScript library. This ensures the compatibility of older versions of jQuery (older than 1.9). This restores obsolete features and behaviors in the jQuery code and continues to execute properly.